Friday, June 22, 2012

The Oarhouse Before Opening Time, 06.21.12

 A Place At Home With Itself

After my waiters Charlon and Ricky finish cleaning and readying the bar to open for another day, i have always noticed how the late afternoon light of Malate casts a golden glow on the already warm confines of the Oar's interior.

It is usually a quiet time for the crew before the regulars and guests start streaming in after sundown, and it affords us a nice momentary breather as I talk to my staff about what needs to be attended to for the day. and the nicest feeling is that it doesn't feel like a place of business or another cookie-cutter franchise in a noisy mall or commercial center at all. instead it is and will continue to be that welcoming place of community and vessel of real life conversation and exchange amongst like-minded spirits.

Photograph by Luis Liwanag

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