Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gilbert the Oarhouse Flower Vendor, 06.09.12

There's hardly ever a night that he doesn't drop by holding his bouquet of flowers to wave in front of the regulars at the Oar. Sometimes he'll head straight to the bar and ask Wilson the bartender or Jecery the cashier for a straight-up shot of lambanog, and slaps his money on the table.

Even he needs a drink if not every night.

First-time observers of Gilbert think he's just any ordinary street vendor and shoo him away. But the patrons and those familiar of Oarhouse history know better. He's the official, gentle muse of the bar, and all who've received a flower from him discovers the humble charm of a common worker of the Malate district. So next time you bring a friend or date to The Oar, buy them a red rose from this man. It almost always completes the evening and blesses the welcoming atmosphere of everyone in the House.



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