Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Classic Oarhouse Pub Combination

There are times you just have to give certain elements of a pub's menu the chance to rise to the surface and find each other to form a match which our regulars and patrons give their personal nod of approval to, namely, the Oarhouse Prime Rib Steak which I've always felt best served unadorned–simply seasoned only with salt and pepper–and done to each person's liking.

Then normally as one would assume a glass or bottle of good wine to accompany this substantial juicy feast of beef, another option as chosen by one of our loyal regulars seems just as matchingly, if not seasonally, more appropriate–as with a cold pitcher of the Oarhouse Frozen Margarita, whose blend of finely crushed ice-blended white tequila, triple sec sweet, tart fresh lime poured into a salt-rimmed rock glass effectively and refreshingly baptizes and tames the carnivorous beasts of our appetites.

Thanks to Little Wing Luna for her photographs and inspired match of food and drink at the Oar. :-)

©Little Wing Luna

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