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Democrats Abroad Philippines - Quezon Bridge, Yes We Span Event Invitation

Dear Friends,

On the eve of the Democratic National Convention 2008 in Denver, you are all cordially invited to join us at our gathering this Sunday morning in Manila whose details and times are below.

Kindly forward and pass the word of this invitation on to all our friends here in the Philippines, as well as to all possibly interested Fil-Ams and US expat residents you know in Manila, for their info.

Thanks for your much-appreciated participation and support!



Get Out The Vote Team

BY: David McCauley, Democrats Abroad Philippines Vice-Chair, ON AUGUST 19TH, 2008

REFERRAL: Jason Rush and Ben Razon, Democrats Abroad Philippines GET OUT THE VOTE (GOTV) Team, Media Outreach Coordinators

DATE: Sunday, August 24, 2008 - 9:30am - Sunday, August 24, 2008 - 11:00am

Obama Supporters Meeting on Sunday morning, August 24 (hand-made signs welcome!).

In timing with the kick-off of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado and the acceptance of the nomination of Barack Obama for President of the United States and to raise voter registration awareness amongst Filipino-Americans, US citizen residents here in the Philippines, this is Manila's version of more than 50 such events held around the world to mark Senator Obama's commitment to build bridges across party, ethnic and all other lines to reach solutions to our common problems in the US and around the world. Please join us to show your support!


The last two U.S. Presidential elections were decided by a few thousand voters in a few states. With over 200,000 Americans residing in the Philippines, and over 6 million Americans residing outside the United States, these voters have the power to determine the outcome of the 2008 election.

On Sunday, August 24th, American citizens living in Manila will rally in support of U.S. presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, and to encourage all Americans living abroad to register to vote. The Acting Chair of Democrats Abroad-Philippines, David McCauley – who has personally known the Obama family since the 1980s – will speak about why Senator Obama’s election is important for America, the Philippines and the world.

1) Preliminary meet-up location of participants for the Quezon Bridge Yes We Span event is at parking area of Aristocrat Restaurant at Rajah Sulayman Park, Malate Church off Roxas Blvd. Assembly time is from 9:30 AM to 10 AM after which the group is to proceed in vehicle convoy to Quezon Bridge Event site at 10 AM sharp.
For those driving from Aristocrat Restaurant meetup site to Quezon Bridge, the route is to take Roxas Boulevard straight towards Luneta (Rizal Park and Manila Hotel), turn right at P. Burgos St. through and past the National Museum and Manila City Hall taking rightmost lane until reaching Metropolitan Theater Building and Park 'N Ride on your right where group is encouraged to park their vehicles. Do not cross Quezon Bridge that heads straight to Quiapo, as there is still a corner you can make a right turnoff onto an access road before the foot of the bridge itself, behind the Metropolitan Theater, where you can also find available places to park on the side or under the elevated line of the LRT (Light Rail Transit).
2) Gathering and parking at event site for group convoy is available at side of Metropolitan Theater and Arroceros Garden, or at Park 'N Ride Parking Building just behind Metropolitan Theater (visible location is directly under LRT line between Metropolitan Theater and Pasig River at foot of Quezon Bridge where all media will be gathered for coverage start) between 10 AM to 10:15 AM. Participants will not be exposed to traffic and will remain on pedestrian walkway. Children are welcome.
3) WALK of Bridge Yes We Span group participants and media on Quiapo-bound pedestrian walkway of Quezon Bridge, 10:15 AM.
4) EVENT and PHOTO-OP GATHERING among participants and media at QUEZON BRIDGE, MANILA 10:15 AM to 10:45 AM.
5) End of event. Group returns from Quezon Bridge back to Remedios Circle, Malate for meetup and no-host brunch (for those interested) at Cafe Adriatico at corner of Adriatico and Remedios St., Malate, 10:45 to 12:00 NN.

From: Democrats Abroad Philippines
Date: Aug 20, 2008 11:24 AM
Subject: Dates to Remember – Message to Democrats Abroad-Philippines Members

Dear Fellow Democrats in the Philippines,

Our last letter went out to you in May, when we reported on the delegates heading to the Denver Democratic Convention in Denver. Well, convention time is now upon us. Georgia McCauley, Chair of Democrats Abroad-Philippines, will be representing us as an Alternate Delegate at the convention – starting next Monday, 25 August (or Tuesday morning, Philippines time). You may also catch Georgia being interviewed in the CNN biography of Senator Obama to air this week as a curtain raiser for the convention.

We are still pushing hard to get US citizen residents in the Philippines to register and vote in the November election. Please help by promoting the website to any and all who are interested! Please try to deliver at least 10 additional votes to get the change we need in the US and around the world.

Several events have been planned to raise awareness about absentee voting and otherwise gain support for the election of Senator Obama. You are all encouraged to join these events and bring along your friends, whether they can vote or not (limited Obama campaign materials will be available for those who join and contribute):

Sunday, 24 August, 9:30-11:30am: Quezon Bridge "Yes We Span" Event – Assemble at Aristocrat Restaurant, Rajah Sulayman Park, next to Malate Church off Roxas Boulevard between 9:30-10:00am. The group will go together to the bridge for a short rally and photo-op, followed by a no-host brunch at CafĂ© Adriatico for those interested. We expect good media coverage, tied to the start of the Democratic National Convention.

Friday, 29 August, 5:15-7:15pm: Obama Acceptance Speech Party – Meet at TGI Friday's Restaurant, on High Street, Fort Bonifacio to hear David McCauley speak from his vantage as an Obama family friend about the candidate's Asian and Pacific roots and world view, and then to view Obama's speech given earlier in the day to an audience of 75,000 in Denver. Food included (but not drinks) with a minimum donation of P1500 to support the voter registration efforts of Democrats Abroad-Philippines.

Saturday, 27 September, 8:30-10:30am: Live Presidential Debate Viewing Party – Meet at TGI Friday's Restaurant, on High Street, Fort Bonifacio to join in viewing the live presidential debate between Senators Obama and McCain. Again, food (not drinks) will be included with a minimum donation of P1500 to support the local voter registration efforts of Democrats Abroad.

Additional information on these and other events can be found at

Don't forget that there are an estimated 100,000 potential American voters in the Philippines! Many of them have ties to key battleground states, such as Nevada or Virginia. We need your help to ensure that all eligible Obama supporters know how to register and vote – it can make the difference in a close election!! If you are willing to hand out some brochures to people you know, please contact Lisa Lumbao at and she will deliver them to you.

We have been active in promoting awareness. You may have seen a public service announcement on Philippine TV encouraging Fil-Ams to vote. We have been networking with Fil-Am Obama supporters back in the US to encourage them to reach out to absentee voter family and friends here in the Philippines.

The Obama campaign has appointed a regional representative in Sydney to lend support, including providing us with Obama campaign materials and assisting with on-line outreach efforts.

Look for me and other Democrats Abroad-Philippines members being interviewed on TV or radio and being quoted in the press over the weeks to come as we increase our awareness raising efforts. If you want to give some of your time or provide much-needed financial support, please contact Larissa Bhandari, the Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) drive leader at

You may also be hearing from us by text message when there are important announcements, and please feel free to forward this email to any other interested Obama supporters.


David McCauley

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