Friday, January 11, 2008

The Oarhouse Reopens, Eleventh of January, 2008

It's a story that needs a line or two from all of us. But beyond that, the Oarhouse is once again–in its rightful place in Malate.

first there was darkness... (thanks for that initial three hour brownout, meralco)

then there was light.

the women of the japanese karaoke place next door
came out and did their nightly salt-throw blessing.
then the people came, one by one and now in pairs..
anabel and reg thought that with electricity,
maybe opening night was going to turn out okay after all.

in threes.

with more good welcome hugs..

and like-minded shirts...

...and the glares (stop me if this starts sounding
like the star-spangled banner)
with the smiles...

and the long sensual drag...

of tales at the bar.

Simply put, it's good to be back... OUR house. Thanks everyone.

–Ben Razon, 1.11.08

(To the memory of Pepito Bosch and Santi Bose)


Anonymous said...

GEEZ!We were there,me & my wife 1st week of Jan. T'was still closed.Didn't know about Jan. 11.Darn!Anyway,I hope you'll still be open in 2 years time.And it's true, Malate night life is dying.Long live Oarhouse!


regman said...

Hey IndioBravo, we're open. Come anytime. Well, except Sundays. Too bad we missed you last Jan 11. But everyday's just as good a day as any to drop by. =)

Anonymous said...

pfffttt oarhouse! the last time i've been to this place was when nonoy reopened it, quite some time already, moved to dagupan that's why. this will be a part of my itinerary next time i visit manila. congrats reg and everyone behind keeping this place alive. hi sir ben razon :) hope u still remember me... jing ( city garden suites)

Ben Razon said...

Jing, of course you're not forgotten. The Oarhouse will be there when you visit it again.


concerned citizen said...

hello - last time I was here, I kind of enjoyed the cheeseburger - so sent my friend - white man, English, from Liverpool, who visited, but said the food was rubbish, and people were miserable? any comment please?