Thursday, September 20, 2007

Remembering Macario Sakay and Lean Alejandro

The Constantino Foundation is honored to invite you to the unveiling of the Macario Sakay and Lean Alejandro murals on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law, September 21, 2007.

“Biyaheng Kasarinlan”

will be unveiled at 10: 30 am at the Ospital ng Makati at Pembo, Makati City and


will be unveiled at 1: 30 pm at the San Juan City Hall, San Juan City.

The murals are the result of the Foundation’s “Reclaiming Public Space, Recapturing Memory” Project. The paintings were done in collaboration with leading art group TutoK, the City Government of Makati and the City Government of San Juan.

The murals depict the aspirations and struggles of a people for genuine freedom, symbolized by Macario Sakay’s leadership of the national revolutionary movement against US colonial rule and the young firebrand Lean Alejandro’s fight against tyranny.

It is a time to remember. We hope you can join us.

"It's high time to recreate the conversation between young Filipinos today and their collective past. We intend to reclaim public space in a way that brings the memory of standing up to tyranny closer to our people," said Constantino Foundation Managing Director Renato Redentor Constantino. According to Constantino, "the paintings aim to start a national trend to transform public spaces as visual tools in recapturing national memory and history. The murals will highlight two largely neglected icons of resistance who fought for our nation's freedom."

In partnership with the city governments of Makati and San Juan, the mural "Biyaheng Kasarinlan" mural will be installed at the Ospital ng Makati in Pembo, while the "Daluyong" painting will be displayed at the City Hall of San Juan.

A strong sense of history is needed in order to achieve real and lasting independence. Thus, focus is given to Filipino revolutionary hero Macario Sakay and youth activist Lean Alejandro. Although separated by 80 years, the two lives of the heroes symbolize the aspirations and hopes of a free nation. Sakay and Lean are not larger than life heroes,though their acts of resistance are heroic. Sakay was an original member of the Katipunan who continued the struggle for national liberation against US colonial rule. Maligned by American authorities and mainstream history books, Sakay was hanged on September 13, 1907, a victim of American and local elite treachery. Considered as one of the most popular and courageous activist of the 1980s, Lean led massive rallies against the Marcos dictatorship and took part in rebuilding the democratic order after the fall of the tyrannical regime. On September 19, 1987, the 27-year old Lean was slain by unknown gunmen.

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