Monday, August 27, 2007

It's That Time Again

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Manila still needs a direct satellite feed of ALL the american collegiate and pro football games now that it's 'the season'. From the way I buggered people for those Nathans hotdogs last June and July, this focus now on pigskin sportsfeed is still my perennial ongoing dilemma year after year around this time with watching the games and trying to keep up here, which in spite of the actual several live telecasts available now on asian ESPN and the other local broadcaster, Solar Sports, on early monday mornings of some NFL games, is hardly adequate or nonexistent and more so when it comes to the college games. Let's face it. There's not a whole hell of a lot of good you can say about America in general right now, and who gives a shit about the latest fictional shows and movies from Hollywood and New York when nearly every imaginable existing film title and complete TV season episode DVD can be bought from our beloved muslim brothers at the nearby public market for less than a U.S. dollar. With that, who even needs cable? But really now, it's just that the NFL and the NCAA is as necessary and important as CNN or the BBC or FOX in this part of the world because certainly, unfolding action in the form of news, disasters and sports MUST be brought to the public LIVE. Denying access to live broadcasts of the gridiron merely adds to the already blatantly ignorant misconception that Americans have only basketball and baseball to offer the world. And sportswise that's a downright heretical view of the United States. The world's greatest superpower knows its game, and it didn't get that way merely on the heels of a Kareem or a DiMaggio or a Michael Jordan. It did so on the collective might, will, and physically uncompromising, strategic and decisive drives of a Lombardi, Halas or a Joe Paterno, a Brown, Hornung and a Walter Payton, a Butkus or a Joe Greene, a Namath, Landry and a Noll. The true face of American gusto and character is defined by the history of American collegiate and professional football. And if you want insight and understanding into the best and brightest of a people who call themselves Americans, you have to know THIS game. And I'm not the first one to raise this issue on a blog either, folks.

I think though that the same technology that brought cable and connectivity here will bring the coverages and broadcasts on to this part of the world eventually. And can you imagine once 'the FEED' and HDTV becomes reality here?!!?? It would be virtual TAILGATE BARBECUE every WEEKEND from September to January in 85-degree weather! Sonofabitchin' absolute football HEAVEN without having to freeze your ass off!

Another interesting phenomenon to note, that what happens around this time of year in America afflicts me too. Schedules, attention to what's going on locally or in the neighborhood, changes in waking, eating and sleeping -- all these manifest themselves as football season wears on. Short of visiting my favorite supermarkets once a week, I'm not going to give a shit about newspapers, politics, religion, santa claus, military uprisings, government, malls, movies, show business, paris hilton, the weather, hell even people around me in general -- and nearly everything that happens outside this football axis. In short, I'll effectively be from another planet and time in the next few months which you can appropriately label my 'American Football Ramadan Uranus' state.

Just so you all know where I am until this forthcoming Oarhouse Thanksgiving, the typically insufferable Manila Christmas, and the one and only climactic sports event of its kind, the Super Bowl.

(This post is dedicated to Hunter S. Thompson and that other extraordinary American, George Plimpton -- both of whom in their own participation, observance and writings on the sport -- inspired this piece.)

American Football - More amazing videos are a click away

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A little trivia about oarhouse , in the late 70's , it was a hang out of the good , the bad and the ugly . We had a small clique group back then , we called this place " Peyton Place" , cause everybody had their own small life story . Do they still have the bumper pool and the small bell by the bar ?

Ben Razon said...

Hi, good of you to drop by. The bell has remained, although when the place closed down temporarily back in 1998 and was renovated (in the same space where it began) and reopened, one of the former regulars offered to buy the bumper pool table. It's a shame that it's no longer there, but the bar and the people have returned to keep it going, along with the ones who've rediscovered the Oarhouse.