Friday, August 10, 2007

Eye Spy - Imaginary Memories

Jordan Arabejo and Photography

It was the 90s then, when Mr. Manny Ang was personally conducting what seemed to be one of his last summer photography workshops at his 'WELLS Photo' in Magallanes, Makati that I attended one of them and was forever at the mercy of the camera. This may have very well been the start of my "image-chasing" habits. But it was probably forthcoming since my uncle, Nap Jamir (who encouraged me to take the workshop and sponsored my workshop fees as well) and my grandfather Nap Jamir I, are/were both in the business.

At the time, I honestly did not 'get it', and most of the lessons came in one ear and out the other. To top it off, I think most of my photos were really bad. Fortunately, I was then attending high school at the Philippine High School For The Arts in Mount Makiling, Los Banos Laguna. Under the tutelage of Alfredo Aquilizan, our visual arts instructor, I developed a better sense of aesthetics. I further pursued this passion for visual expression as a college student majoring in painting at the University Of Santo Tomas.

I now work freelance in film and advertising, doing graphic work on the side, striving as best as I can to pursue a career in cinematography. Ironically, how I got to this point demanded a re-entry into photography, and luckily enough this process ended up being more like a "re-discovery" rather than a re-education. I had gained a magic eye. Everywhere I turned, the world appeared to me a strange, throbbing mixture of beauty and ugliness. Wonderful! All I needed now was a camera.

The first camera I had was a Nikon F ("F" probably stood for "fully-freaking manual"). The camera was originally my grandfather's. That's what you call a real family heirloom! The Nikon F was one of the few cameras that my "gramps" had passed on to his photographer son (Nap Jamir II) which was then finally passed on to me. A friend borrowed it and left it in a taxi cab. I'm still kicking myself today for having lent it.

On the selection of these images on exhibit -

Nap Jamir, Director of Photography for television commercials and films, generously helped select this photo series. He has guided my vision, skills, and appreciation for the mediums of photography and cinematography by enabling me with the tools and opportunities. Assisting him in his film and commercial shoots has taught me the nature of light and the balance of visual elements within the frame. These pictures are random applications of that honing and our collaborative efforts to showcase a window that looks out of the norm. We hope that they stimulate and encourage everyone to take a fresh look, perhaps once again, at the world we wake up in.

August 2007

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