Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cebu vs. Guantanamo

This youtube clip is a cult classic. even my friends on the east coast of a mailing list i belong to have sent this to me. it's gotten an unbelievable number of hits.

the filipino's capacity for expression is unmatched in every respect of contemporary interpretation and context. no words adequately describe it.

still it partly explains and no wonder that we remain -- psychologically at least -- amongst the happiest people in the world. there are no serial killers, sons of sam, john gacys roaming our busy non-isolated teeming hubs of community. okay, there are your crimes of passion prisoners like your rapists, child abusers and jilted martyrs, but hey, that's old shrift compared to really mentally screwed people in the west.

and even in our orange jumpsuit incarcerated state, it'll be a cold fucking day in abu ghraib hell if this scene ever replicates itself in guantanamo.

thank you michael jackson.

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