Sunday, June 10, 2007

Why The World Continues to Fall Apart...part 2?

Mon Acasio, April 14, 2007, attempting to lower his blood pressure by holding an ice-cold bottle of beer to his soon-to-explode head, just two and a half weeks before he had his near-fatal stroke. He survived alright, but he'll have to learn how to talk and walk again on his long hard road back to recovery. And somehow, 'normal' doesn't really sound like the right word to use.

More realistic scenarios of beer-drinking, and all other AB (alcoholic beverage) ingestion would show the consequences of drinking too much, too often: noxious, smoked-filled rooms, demented discussions, arguments, illness, smashed cars, beaten wives, abused children, and wrecked careers. Our attention should focus on AB-caused illness; to the diarrhea, dermatitis, and dementia of the alcoholic pellagran; or to the staggering and absurd mutterings of the brain-damaged alcoholic with Wernicke's psychosis.

Um, yeah folks, let's sober up a bit after the alcohol, shall we? The demented discussions and arguments in the noxious smoke-filled rooms (ok, sounds disturbingly like the Oarhouse on any given night) -- YES, BUT the illnesses, smashed cars, beaten wives and abused children part are horrible!

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