Saturday, June 09, 2007

Why The World Continues to Fall Apart

This week on 'The Simple Life' -

Thirty-five years ago, a photographer in Vietnam took this picture --

On June 8, 1972, children and their families fled the village of Trang Bang down Route-1, their bodies seared by napalm. The young girl screaming, in particular, was etched onto the world's mind by the photograph of Huynh Cong 'Nick' Ut, an AP photographer.

The photograph from the My Lai massacre showing excruciating pain and death has become a photographic icon, an antiwar rallying point and a symbol of hope. The photograph rightly stands among a few honorable and memorable images of the last 150 years of photojournalism. -- excerpt from 'The Survivor - A Young Girl's Cry for Help in Vietnam'.

And thirty-five years later on the same day of June 8, 2007, the same photographer, Nick Ut, took this image --

(AP Photo/Nick Ut))

Paris Hilton is seen from the window of a police car as she is transported from her home to court by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in Los Angeles on Friday.

Whether it's horrific Vietnam or a pretty Paris thirty-five years later, the misery index hasn't changed. And who gives a shit? Most of us are still adding fuel to our own.

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