Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bubba's Back - on kinder, healthier...carrot sticks

'What was brilliant about the Clinton/Sopranos video was not so much the hype over the "campaign theme song" -- or even the parody of the Sopranos episode. What was brilliant was how the buzz over both topics provided effective cover, and a smooth entree for Bill Clinton to officially enter the campaign.'

Take it from ingenious Hillary the Hilarious to reintroduce her husband and inject him into her PAYBACK campaign, Sopranos-style. But old Bill in his relaxed mood on the video clip is especially endearing. I wished american presidents would come to work looking the way he does on this segment. Unfortunately it's all parody and fantasia, as we go from Fleetwood Mac of the Clinton-Gore campaign song to THIS godawful choice sung by Celine 'My Heart Will Go On To Help Hillary Sink the Rest of the Free World after the Titanic' Dion.

I'm going to hang myself.

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