Sunday, May 20, 2007

An Exhibit to Julia's Life

Sunset, La Union coastline, 1.2007, © Josh Corbett

An Exhibit to Julia, The Oarhouse, May 2007

Julia Campbell – In Memory

Julia Campbell was many things to many people. To us, she was a dear friend. Her life burned brightly and ended unexpectedly, too soon. Those of us who knew her will always remember her smile, her wit, and those thousands of memories she shared with us, big and small. This wall exhibit is a tribute to her life - a life which was, in our estimation, beautiful and truly well lived.

The Oarhouse has had long-standing ties to the Peace Corps, going back to the 70s. It has been a favorite haunt of many generations of volunteers visiting the city, in from their respective assigned sites. The Oarhouse graciously offered the space and other support necessary to put this memorial exhibit together. We are deeply grateful.

The photos and quotations on these walls are meant to celebrate the past two years of Julia Campbell’s life. The quotations are mostly taken from her blog. She chronicled her experiences masterfully. She was a writer by both profession and passion, and her own words tell her story best. The pictures were taken from various Peace Corps Volunteers.

Special thanks go out to Fujifilm for the prints, and most especially to Ben Razon, without whom none of this would have been possible. Sincere thanks.


Joshua Corbett
Matt DiDio
Jody Johnson
& other friends of Julia


Susan said...

nagkasakit pala si mon. please tell him i truly wish him well. pasensiya na huli lately sa mga balitang oarhouse. my cancer is back kasi, eh. i'm battling the pest again.

miss my cold oarhouse beer and the relaxing conversations with friends. :(

K Villa said...

please check out is it also possible to get in touch with julia's friends who organized the exhibit? thank you and best regards-