Saturday, April 28, 2007

Two Irish Gentlemen at the Oar and Nightfall at Vito Cruz, Malate

Even if the video isn't so clear, the sound certainly was for this musical treat last night from two irish gentlemen musicians who gave the oarhouse and its patrons a great acoustic mandolin and guitar set of songs over ice cold beers. i think they'll be back. i wanted to add a special thanks to rolex and vina de la pena and especially to vina who also joined the set and graced our gathering with her own inimitable voice for our friends last night.

Nightfall over Vito Cruz
On the way to a shoot at Century Park Hotel along Vito Cruz St. in the early evening hours of 7 p.m. last monday, one finds the queue for the 'cultural center' jeepneys that traverse the length of this street in Manila from the corner of Taft Avenue all the way across Roxas Boulevard and to the famed monuments of former first lady Imelda Marcos' paeans to the 'filipino spirit' in the near-forgotten decade of the 70s and her idea of what comprised of 'culture'.

But the images that any cellphone with a camera can capture today about the look of this street and its environs speak more of the real Manila and the people who inhabit it. You wait for the jeepney to fill up with passengers, and they are more often the father and daughter who just came from a Jollibee restaurant and bringing extra food for those who got left behind at home.

It's the anonymity of reality in this city of countless numbers on this short but literal route where the people congregate around. The graininess you see in the image is exactly what you see in real life from a non-editing eye.

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