Monday, February 26, 2007

Photographs From My Friends - Patrick Lucero: 'Dreamscapes and Portraits'

Patrick Lucero and son Sean, Manila, 2.20.07

Dreamscapes and Portraits:
14 Photographic Visualizations by Patrick Lucero

The Oarhouse, February 26, 2007

'Venus on Mars Discordant #2'

'States of Mind'
all images © Patrick Lucero 2007

When Ben Razon asked me to submit a new body of work to state where I am exactly as a photographer at this time, I had to draw deep in order to develop images of substance. As a photojournalist working in Kuwait for the US Army bases there it wouldn’t have been appropriate or interesting for myself to exhibit my work photos. What I do for work isn’t thought provoking.

With that in mind I thought of going a graphic route to expressing my thoughts on interpersonal situations which later evolved into exploring the art of portraiture to bring out different facets of a person's character using abstract graphic manipulation and the compositing of multiple images together. For the conceptual pictures I wanted to illustrate how often men and women alienate themselves from each other instead of nurturing a relationship to grow. All too often it seemed to me that good relationships go bad over time. How often do we see “the perfect couple” at odds with each other go into a slow, spiralling descent until it spins out of control and crash to earth. Communication, of course, or rather the lack of it - is the simple answer to most problems in a relationship.

All of the images have been extensively Photoshopped. It’s not traditional photography and I’m sure it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if the images make you stop and look twice at it…then I would say, “cool!”

-- Patrick Lucero

February 2007


Anonymous said...

Interesting read! This artist obviously has it together, along with a great eye and some formidable Photoshop skills.
I heard that he is involved in numerous other projects in various stages of development. I wonder what else it is that he's working on and if he has his own website?

Marne Kilates said...

Hi Ben,

Great site with all those fascinating photos. I've added your link to my blog. I also intend to borrow some of your and the Banggers' photos to accompany some of my poems in my blog, with your and their permission, and with due credits. I still have to look more closely at the other postings and photos!

Marne Kilates

Stephen said...

Patrick, been tough to keep up with where you are at and what you are doing. Jen and I are moving back to the Philippines in July. Hope we see you soon. Stephen Wallace