Saturday, January 13, 2007

Photographs From My Friends - Claro Cortes IV

During my six years of covering various political, social and cultural events for Reuters in China, I was given an opportunity to witness first-hand one of the world’s oldest existing cultures.

Hopefully, this collection of photos gives you an insight on how humanity’s largest race faces the fresh challenges of the new century while tenaciously holding on to centuries-old beliefs and practices.

Pilgrims prostrating before the Potala Palace in Tibet, a lady preparing tea before the start of the People’s Congress in Beijing, dancers performing during a pre-Olympic event – a unique way of life still evident in today’s China.

In contrast, one can see scantily-clad models, a couple swinging away to a Western beat, horsemen playing pool outdoors. Glimpses of communism tangled with commercialism is also manifested in a few photos showing a man appreciating a painting in a modern gallery, and a man walking past a billboard for residential-cum shopping centers which are sprouting all over the country.

Enjoy the images! Huan ying can guan!


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