Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Now where were we?

Oarhouse, November 2006

The musician Joey 'Pepe' Smith with Chino Medina behind the bar

Pepe Smith at the Oarhouse, 1994

Sorry for the long pause in postings, folks, it's just that i'd been away deconstructing my old darkroom at home lately while uncovering several decades of photographs, negatives and slides long forgotten about. It's felt oddly similar to a major archaeological digging, where images thought long gone have suddenly unearthed themselves from the dust of yore. A bunch of old party scenes at the Oarhouse during the early 90s, and portraits of friends during that time have risen to the surface, much to my sick delight.

There will be more unscheduled salvagings of classic images along this history as the past and the present of this establishment continues to collide.

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