Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Washing away Milenyo (Xangsane)

As photographer Joe Galvez gently corrected me,
this scene resembles a 'Vermeer' instead of a 'Rembrandt'.

For a while there in the darkness of Milenyo's aftermath,
I felt I was at the set of the first Star Wars movie and was getting
ready to be sent back in handcuffs to Tatooine...

As these images above from the blackened, powerless interior of our beloved hangout will tell you, the planned big hyper-birthday bash for the september photographer celebrants was effectively neutralized and postponed by typhoon Milenyo (international code name: 'Xangsane' -- it was chinese by birth apparently, and more appropriate for a pet panda) deciding to pass by The Oarhouse through Manila on its way to the South China Sea and Vietnam, and there was little we could do about that.

But the power and the lights are back on, and with twisted crossed fingers, hope that this planned rescheduling of the birthday celebration will push through finally this weekend, Saturday, October 7 here at Oar, where the wind and the waves will mercifully stop long enough for us to drink and toast a few rounds. We'll just have to keep ya posted kids!

-- Ben

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