Monday, September 25, 2006

The Oarhouse in September 2006

Um, we don't really want to keep driving home the point, but....isn't it great about the Oar bringing people together?

More images from photographer Paolo Picones' exhibit opening last Saturday the 23rd at The Oar -- click HERE.

Thanks to current Philippine Center for Photojournalism Chairman Dennis Sabangan and the generous contributions of Dubai-based photogs Bernard Testa, Joseph Capellan, Val Handumon, Ryan Hernandez, Paolo Vecina, Dennis Mallari and our Reuters Chief in Baghdad Erik de Castro -- we're planning another big ultra-birthday bash this coming Saturday the 30th, the last day of the month, for our September colleague-celebrants near and far, such as Romy Gacad, Gil Nartea, Ernie Sarmiento, Boy Cabrido, Jimmy Domingo, Joseph Capellan, Val Rodriguez, Paolo Picones and Buck Pago. Hope I haven't left out anyone.

Master DJ Aaron Favila will once again be rocking the House at the bar and we will try to hook up with our colleagues based abroad in Dubai, Baghdad, the United Kingdom, the United States, Lithuania and Beijing via wifi and broadband video connect from the Oarhouse on Yahoo Messenger and Skype. Photographers with laptops are advised to bring their webcam attachments so we can try to make this work in more ways than one.

But the ice-cold beers will be flowing, and we're looking forward to seeing everyone at The Oar!

Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy PHOTOGS!

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