Friday, August 25, 2006

Jake's Exhibit opening, DJ Aaron in the House

Master DJ Aaron Favila brings the house down for the first time in the Oar's history, Jake Verzosa with photographer friends Bahaghari (left) and Juan (right) and his exhibit pics.

It was a first-time record-breaking occasion in Oarhouse history last Wednesday night when photographers Aaron Favila and Jake Verzosa put both of their great talents together to draw friends, colleagues, and participants of the Asia Europe Young Photographers Forum currently ongoing in Manila for a sound and photo show that kept everybody going into the early morning hours of the following day with music, conversation, dancing, and drink. And no one minded working their way through the packed gathering in the 'Embassy-fication' of the Oar. The bell at the bar rang with drinks on the house courtesy of Nonoy the owner, and Wilson the bartender had to resort to cash bar basis to accommodate the numbers of people drifting in and out and spilling onto the streets of Mabini with their beers.

Oh well. It's just one of those rituals that have long been started and passed on from past generations of barflies and patrons to now, and the spirit of a decades-old fishnet that used to hang from the ceiling in an earlier decor of the place probably dusted itself off last Wednesday and re-embraced this present generation of people who'll keep the place going with new approaches and exhibits for not just a few more of the Oar's full-moon nights.

It's great to be here.

- Ben

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