Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Alethea Abuyuan's 'Jambo'

Welcome Ali, and thanks for exhibiting your wonderful images of East Africa at The Oar.


East Africa through the eyes of Alethea Abuyuan

August 7-17, 2006
The Oarhouse

Alethea Abuyuan has no background in photography or the fine arts, except for a short photography course taken while she was living in Arlington, Virginia. She is just a girl who likes taking trips – and pictures. Based in Los Angeles, Alethea is a recent doctoral graduate of the University of Southern California, where her dissertation research brought her to East Africa and Europe to study secular and religious NGOs involved in environmental protection and international development. She also has a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from Yale University and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from UP-Diliman. This month she joins the Milken Institute, a California-based economics and finance think tank, as an analyst working on emerging domestic markets and environmental finance. As for future travel, her next destination is South America.

Taken in May and June of 2005, these photographs highlight Alethea’s research trip (and vacation) to Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. From the Maasai kraals (villages/ camps) near Shambarai in northern Tanzania, to the traditional Swahili island of Lamu in Kenya, to the vast plains of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater, Alethea tried to capture the beauty and mystery of Africa – for if you ever set foot on this magical continent, you will instantly realize that no photograph will do justice to her splendor and majesty.

* Jambo (or hujambo) is a slang Swahili term for hello or how are you? It is usually used for and by tourists. A more proper greeting is habari and its variants.
* All the photographs were taken with a Minolta DiMage xT 3.2 MP digital camera
* Curated by Jose Enrique Soriano
* Color management and printing by The Digital Q, Fujifilm
* Special thanks to Mon Acasio and Julie Orquiza

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