Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Steely Dan 'Do It Again or We'll Take Necessary Extralegal Action' Letter

I haven't bothered with what my favorite musical duo of the 70s have been doing since they parted ways after their belabored 'Gaucho' album over twenty-six years ago, but a news item caught my eye about how Donald Fagen and Walter Becker have reacted to how actor Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson's younger brother, ripped off the name from their ditty of 'Cousin Dupree' to title his latest critically unacclaimed movie, 'You, Me, and Dupree'.

Now Donald and Walter are demanding an apology from Luke which they've brought to the public attention on the band's webpage and their written ten-paragraph request for the kid actor to come clean and make amends to them and the fans, Steely Dan style. And it's beautifully mindful of the lyrics they've so been used to penning, and I'm glad they still have the graceful potency of their acid cynic sarcasm to remind punks like Luke how things work in the real world. From mention of Hollywood gangsters to Zal Yanovsky to 'retrograde reality matrix' and their very own Russian Navy Seal security manhandler promising results, you'd think old Don and Walt were back in their prime.

So little hey nineteen-something slacker Luke should be shaking in his youngster jammies about now, since we all know what grownups like Fagen and Becker have always meant in their musical intellectual property hearts.

And how funny it all seems today, with an aging Michael McDonald in their current concert tow and looking like one of those Napa wine-cooking chefs nowadays. The guy still needs a job, I guess.

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