Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Proximities of 'Compound'

Lily Chu, Jake Macapagal, and Will Fredo of 'Compound'

I don't normally comment about movies seen recently, but thanks to good friend Lily Chu's invite last week to the premiere of Fil-Am director Will Fredo's film at Cinemalaya 2006, there was plenty to mull over after seeing 'Compound'. People who live within the confines of a typical middle-class home in Manila should identify with this, and be disturbed accordingly.

There is a specific type of relation amongst those who live behind the walls and gates of a housing compound which serves as a diagram of Philippine society, and the film tells it well as it dissects all the elements -- the morning news announcer on the radio, the landlord, the job, the wife, the kid, the maid, the tenant -- in a timeline of all who would seek to enter or wish to exit this tight little circle of existence.

In angles of rapid-fire cuts of reality and derangement, it's no wonder why it's all so interesting that it reflects Filipino attitudes and connections on a larger scale outside of the walls. It's a nice look inward rather than the typical undone or overdone outward.

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