Wednesday, July 26, 2006

An Old Friend of The Oar

Thanks Steve!

It's been three or so years since friend and colleague Steve Wallace was here in Manila to see the gang at The Oar, and last June he wrote that he had been thinking of making a short visit this month to spend time with Ninang Sol Vanzi upon hearing news of the passing of her husband Vic last May. Ninang Sol and Uncle Vic adopted Steve as their own in their usual generous way when he was a photojournalist based here and shooting for the Black Star photo agency in the mid 90s, and Ninang helped him make contacts and document many of the events of First Lady Imelda Marcos for which there has never, ever been a time when 'Ma'm' was not making headlines in the news of the world. So Steve dropped by two weeks ago to see Ninang and for which all of us at the bar were heartwarmed and happy to see our old drinking buddy again. Steve has shifted gears career-wise after his photojournalism stints in Cambodia, the Philippines, and Lebanon, as he's presently back in school racking up another degree in Boston after which he'll then.... as he says wistfully... have a full-time, honest to God regular JOB.

And to which we say, yeah RIGHT. The old hoot will be back because he's become as part of the Oarhouse family from those fledgling days of the early nineties when he wandered into Malate and got to know us at the bar hoisting our cameras and ice-cold beers with nary a care in the world at the end of a typical shooting day. And it's always been FUN, right Mr. Wallace?

Cheers, man. :-)

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