Monday, May 01, 2006


Although people in Manila have been scrambling every which way to get out of town for days on weeks to escape the heat, the Oar seems to have been packing them in recently, and that's always nice to see. I've been on the slow boat elsewhere myself the past week for a short break, so coming back rested has felt great. The city soaks up heat in the dry season like lava rocks under a volcano, and you can almost see the sidewalks and asphalt take on that unique black liquid glow in the non-shadows of noontime in the days of april and may. The Oarhouse opens at 4 pm, just the time when the blistering waves of afternoon heat make it almost compelling to seek shelter in the coolness of the bar that guarantees near-frozen cold beers. It's at that time when inhabitants of this city are also at their boiling point hothead temperature, and migraine-festered skulls turn people into short-tempered, ulcer-laden vampires of the day. If you're not in good, physical shape, you will most likely count yourself as one of these creatures in search of relief and release of these Manila summers.

That's why vacation elsewhere beckons. :)

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