Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Prelude to Easter

Crucifixion Hill, San Pedro Cutud, San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines
4.14.06 (c) Ben Razon

Centurion and Flagellant, San Pedro Cutud, San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines
4.14.06 (c) Ben Razon

photos from the opening of '1017', april 6, 2006. thanks to photographers luis liwanag, bahaghari, and gari buenavista.

The thing about a bar blog is that nothing ever really happens in the way events actually unfold, so that it's now expected that even in the most dedicated effort about posting a presence online for everyone to see, it's just stupidly impossible to attempt to replicate the mood and feeling of a place in, well, cyberspace, which we all know is where we positively do NOT exist. We live in the real world of nerves, earth, and the endless attraction to fertilize our surroundings. In pub parlance -- 'excuse me, gotta take a leak', or other bodily functions that keep us breathing and going in the middle of fun and other stimulating phases of the hours.

This is why so much in actual, real life happened this past week ever since '1017' opened at the Oarhouse. Got lots of feedback, lots of people dropping by to view the show, and many said that the pictures got them all worked up about 1017 and the present dispensation in the way only photographic images can. Good. We want everyone who sees the show to be outright livid and upset over what's happening. But then again for those in a different school of thought, maybe not. The fact that these images get you to start thinking and looking at individual reality in a different light, is already enough. And as I write this on a black saturday whose translation in spanish is termed 'sabado de gloria' (eve of easter), we can only try to check if we get a similar, risen woody on a sunny easter bunny rabbit sunday. Enough of death, fake piety, and the hypocrisy we're all choking on at the moment. The Oarhouse reopens in resurrected, recleansed, repainted glory on Monday. Life goes on, and it's really HOT in Manila right now folks.

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