Saturday, March 18, 2006

Wrong Color on St. Patrick's Day!

As I walked into the Oar at around 7pm last night and expecting to just celebrate St. Patrick's Day and feeling the luck o' the Irish, Wilson the bartender greets me with news of former DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman and Black and White Movement leader Enteng Romano getting arrested just minutes hence by the police at the Roxas Boulevard baywalk crossing and were subsequently hauled to Precinct 9 for wearing black shirts marked with anti-government slogans. And as photographer Jes Aznar recounted it, the scene was an idiotically comic exchange between the 'inquiring minds want to know' stance of Soliman and Romano against the 'duh, bawal lang po kayo maglakad sa baywalk (sorry you're not allowed to walk by the bay)' position of the police officers.

Tsk tsk. A little constructive criticism from the wisdom of the leprechauns is in order here. Granted that black is an especially symbolic albeit depressing color during these times, I wonder if they would have been stopped had they worn bright Irish green t-shirts with slogans that say 'Make Gloria SEE GREEN' or perhaps an Oscar Wilde inside joke quote that goes 'Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.' (get it?!?!?) -- and in honor of the feastday of St. Patrick's at that! How about a Notre Dame 'FIGHTING IRISH' look? They could have just worn black pants too which wouldn't have been so noticeable and kept to the spirit of the protest. Yup, the leprechauns say a little more creativity could have gone into play for luck and for all we know might have worked, and whose charm level would have stood way above the pit bull canine directives of our anti-Dinky Western Police District. Well now that everybody's been released and are back out in the streets, let's continue our Irish toast (it's never too late, you know) and drop by the Oarhouse tonight for more ice cold green beer. :)

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