Monday, March 06, 2006

Turn Out The Lights, The Party's Over

The Funeral Procession of Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino, Buendia Overpass, Makati - when people in Manila had BALLS. 1983 ©Ben Razon

ENOUGH of these past two goddamned weeks. All of my post-Super Bowl Steeler revelry and rush which spilled over into the prospect of this country returning to Martial Law had a physical, artery-clearing, adrenaline-boosting effect on my thin 45-year old frame, as my metabolism reshifted to revolution mode -- a near pure continuous carnivore diet of solid pork or beef NIGHTLY, washed down with gallons of cutting-cold San Miguel the embarrassing amount of which I used to partake of during those legendary allnighters at the Oarhouse of more than a decade back. It took me all of the past weekend's 72 hours of water therapy to detoxify and flush out the physical and mental toxins of this most recent, pathetic EDSA National Emergency cocktail. What was that? Happy Hour with video soundbites and checkpoints? The hell, what wimps, sissies, sureball sleazebags and spineless spectators this country now has. That's all the past couple of weeks have proven, in spite of and when ALL of the photographers, writers, and clowns of malate I knew were more than willing to be ARRESTED for the CAUSE.

Why didn't the PARTY last LONGER?!? But try the new items on the Oarhouse menu coming soon, like the Beef Pot Pie which is 100% completely legal and delicious!

And more exhibits coming soon, nyuk nyuk....

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