Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Outcasts of Society

Ahhh, that's more like it. The only thing that comforts the mind in this personality-infested, rogue of characters cesspool of the current times here in Manila is that there are far more people from different walks of life who've counted themselves as detached and uninvolved in any way, shape, or form to what is clearly a battle of politicized self-important and financially self-interested forces now manhandling it out, delightfully unmindful of how deep in the subterranean levels of third world earth they have managed to dig themselves under like a bunch of crazed coal miners looking for methane and dead canaries.

I love this place. Fun, trivial, petty, but when pushed to the brink...still forever inexplicably nailed to the mysteries of the rosary, what with this country's only visible evolution since Marcos as having become the Somalia of moralistic interpretation. Many have said, it's gotten worse. And indeed it has. The glori, or should one say - nyuk nyuk - the 'gloriafication' of money and pride by mentally impoverished, aging role players is at the center of this, and what a sordid, black holed Katrina of a tempest it is wherein one so fervently hopes that, NO ONE will SURVIVE. This is infinitely way better than watching Pinoy Big Brother. And that's exactly what watching this spectacle feels like. Yes, the true, unvarnished nature and face of the Filipino at his and her worst.


Let's see more.

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