Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Pub Grub!

Yehey, the sounds you hear are sizzling and newly-brewed items that have been recently added to the Oarhouse menu this week, namely ...

  1. Beef Pot Pie - a delectable baked deep dish of sirloin beef cubes with diced potatoes and carrots mixed in gravy, topped by a thin crust of mashed potatoes turned slightly crunchy and golden brown. the taste of this makes me remember the specialties at Roy's Bar, a landmark favorite hangout of mine during the heyday of 80's Ermita which was a bar run by a traditional gentleman brit who served great london broil and comforting english pub fare.
  2. Fettucine - chicken mushroom pasta in white cream sauce sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese, where hopefully in the future this will be combined with a side dish of salpicao in garlic and olive oil which used to be a delicious Oarhouse staple of several years back. YUMMY!
  3. Beer Onion Soup - yes folks it's a twist to plain old boring french onion, and this is where I prefer my beer steaming HOT with generous onion slices swimming in a bowl of beef broth, soy sauce and yes, pale PILSEN - and then crowned with french bread sealed by melted mozarella cheese. What a fantastic way to top off a night of homage to San Miguel, true to the Oarhouse tradition!
  4. Korean Beef Stew - boiled tender short beef ribs in soy sauce with sugar, star anise, and ground cinnamon, sprinkled atop with sesame seed and onion leeks.
  5. Japanese Fried Rice - sauteed onions and garlic in butter, ground pork in brandy and soy sauce, after which rice is stir-fried with grated carrots and fresh eggs. it's a filling, solid rice meal in and by itself.

I know some of the former regulars of the Oar have been asking for what used to be available on the menu from years back, like the ribeye steak with fettucine combination, spaghetti marinara, hungarian sausage or schublig, so in time, these will be under review for future offerings. That's why you have to keep coming back and checking in to see what's new.

So there you have it, drop by and taste what's cookin!
For additional inquiries or reservations, call Wilson or Flor at the Oar, 450-8301

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