Monday, February 13, 2006

A Valentine's Day Ode to Self Empowerment and Technology

Entertainment only the Muslims can deliver - 'Jack Nicholson in my Living Room - screen grab from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, 1993' and 'Moro National Liberation Front Surrender, Lanao Del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines, 1991', all images, Ben Razon

I've been incommunicado for the past three and a half weeks blithely ignoring all that's happened to local civilization, but not just because i'd been following the run-up of my Pittsburgh Steelers to the Super Bowl but anyway, it's been about my discovery of something else of late, and why the entire Muslim brotherhood of DVD piracy and smuggling of wherever I could find racks and piles of discs in the basements of Makati Cinema Square, the crowded narrow streets of Arlegui, and the hallowed halls of Harrison Plaza should all receive a commendation of service and duty which they have given to the select citizenry of this metropolis starved for ANY alternative means to the wowowee salvation through mass stampede entertainment - and who have vowed never to patronize the usual pied piper's show business offering of garbage or death in this godforsaken metro void.

But here's the neatest, most defiant, beating the establishment angle to this. I RIP the contents of these carefully chosen but soon to be unplayable and worthless DVD discs to the computer hard drive and I do the next nastiest and deliciously badass step: convert these movies, concerts, and select features for transfer to the coolest, most portable instrument receptacle gadget of them all: the fifth generation video iPod. This is the first time in the history of modern man that one can literally carry in one's warm pocket and close possession all their favored, cherished, and most personal copies of undictated, uninfluenced, and unpressured selection of entertainment, after having used one's brain and the one thing that cannot ever be bought or copied -- the matter of personal TASTE that defines any civilized person in this day and age. That, and on top of a middle-finger, damn the torpedoes, screw your bottom line profit stance to the pimps and moneychangers of hollywood, broadway, the western world and anyone who dares call themselves a media entity.

Which to us mortals with any feeling, wits or intellect left, IS the true service and empowerment purpose of technology. So aside from wishing you, one and all a happy valentine's.....

um, what's on your iPod? ;-)

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