Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Showdown in Motown Begins

IT all comes down to 60 minutes of football - stretched to a live, globally televised, three-hour sports, advertising and show business spectacle from Detroit for an audience of over a hundred million people glued to their TV sets from Manila to Iraq and back to the heartland of America. It's Super Bowl Game Time, and we're down to the opening kickoff between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks in what promises to be a history-making championship game for either team with nearly equal power to power, strength for strength matchups on both offensive and defensive sides in a very physical, aggressively played GAME.

Even for the non-football fan or neophyte viewer, what will come across instantly will be a sense of excitement, immediacy and relentless attack between both the Steelers and the Seahawks played on every instance the ball is snapped. And in the sandwiched breaks and bladder-emptying middle of this pressure-packed four quarters of play, all of Madison Avenue's million-dollar advertising and the entertainment input of Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones will heap on more commercial gasoline to the fire which won't come soon enough as we all hold our breath up to the end of this singular most hyped-up event in modern-day sports -- with the team who has wanted it all and fought accordingly to win it, will be given the title of champions.

But in the middle of all this, please remember all that high-definition watching and eating also means staying alive after the game. Or just turn off the damned TV and read Spin Magazine writer Chuck Klosterman's far more entertaining musings. His most recent book, 'Killing Yourself To Live: 85% of a True Story' - may shed light on why this is ALL just so much fun.

Cheers everybody and GO PITTSBURGH! ;-)


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