Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Morning After

Okay, i've gotten a restful night's sleep after yesterday's and much of last week's marathon activity of football postings in the run-up to the Super Bowl and my poor computer may be the only thing more exhausted than i am in all the time i've kept it on monitoring mode of all the sports sites with game analyses, updates and stories on the Pittsburgh-Seattle game. The rest of creation seems to fade away into oblivion when you're an american football fan during the NFL season especially around playoff and the conference championship clashes, and that's just as well with me since it keeps me pumped and hyper-involved about something besides other current events crap of music, art, photography and least of all the politics of tragedy, society, religion, public relations, egocentricities and fashion. Yes, it's about mental and emotional housecleaning at this time of year simply because the exercise puts everything in right and proper perspective that man is basically the insane animal that he is to begin with, and there is nothing you can do for them. NOTHING. Get my point?

Hell, the king of American Trash host Jerry Springer himself couldn't come up with this even in his most inspired moment.

So I say, Talk to The Hand, and the Pacman can go fight King Kong next for all I care.

Is there anything left looking up to in God's good earth? I'm asking.


ps - why are there no pictures from yesterday's super bowl breakfast at the oarhouse? yeah i brought my camera alright bright and early 6am but did you know that in the excitement of watching the game i forgot to take pictures of the local and expat crowd that gathered, i was just glued to the TV and my nerves were frazzled for most of the 1st and 2nd quarters because the steelers looked like they were still looking for their pacing in the game until they finally got a comfortable lead in the second half (this was right after I finished my breakfast while watching mick jagger and the stones at the halftime show which i immediately followed up with ice cold san miguels, yes, before 10 o'clock in the morning, folks) where lo and behold pittsburgh started SCORING and letting the alcohol settle in while sitting at the bar with a bunch of other football crazies, so i really didn't have much choice but to go with the sweeping tide of the others who were already pounding back the beers, so things got REALLY happy and LOUD as the counting down to the two-minute warning in the fourth and final quarter of the game and just feeling so ecstatic that pittsburgh was finally getting its fifth super bowl trophy and joining the ranks of two other NFL teams, the cowboys and the 49ers to have 5 Vince Lombardi Trophies in their prized possession. whew! great game, great time. :)


Justin Kownacki said...

I can assure you that the scene in Pittsburgh itself was every bit as tense. When the whistle blew, all that tension was released into the streets, resulting in a happily drunken mass of celebratory strangers. If you haven't seen the pictures of the Victory Parade on Tuesday, track them down; it'll put Pittsburgh in a whole new perspective when you play "Try to Find the Street Under All These People."

Noel Mesina said...

Hey Kid!

I have a Steeler's yellow cap brought to me last year direct from Pittsburgh. Hehehe! I already gave it away to my father. Hehehe!