Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Oarhouse Year Opener

Okay, where was I? haha, am sorry i'd been trying all this month to wake up from the christmas and holiday hangovers (see picture below from previous 'yearender' post) and i've been behind in posting what's been at the Oarhouse of late, namely the year opener exhibit of Jun Sepe, simply titled '2005'. For those who know him personally, no explanation is needed about the theme of his photographs, but for the images alone speak of tragedy, transition, passing on, and more disaster as the past year has been so full of. He found himself on the shores of tsunami-affected Sri Lanka in his regular job as cameraman for APTN and then to the pullout in Gaza followed by the disaster of hurricane-stricken New Orleans -- all of them in his eyes were a first-time look and see outside of the usual, local comfort zones. He gives mention also to the passing of his mother, whom for those of us who knew her, was also our own.

So what should follow '2005'? 'Beauty' as -- instead of the 'beast' -- in beauticians in a series of photographs by Gari Buenavista in his visual introduction to the oft-ignored world of male hairdressers in their normal and down home environment. He relates, 'some of them only want to be shown and understood as working, everyday people, and aside from the stereotypically loud and garish (no pun intended) views of homosexuality in this country'.

and after an uneventful fiesta in quiapo in the first part of the month, it's now the end of january, 2006, with more interesting shows to hang at the oar in february and march.


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