Saturday, November 12, 2005

'Eyes Without a Face'

a digital photo exhibit of Philippine Motorsports

by Lucky Besa

at The Oarhouse, November 12-25, 2005

Digital imaging has truly made an impact on publishing, advertising and the communications industry as a whole. Utilizing the best of that digital world, Lucky Besa fuses his professional lensman's skills with the power of computer imaging to produce images as never before. Having documented Philippine motor sports since his college days at the University of the Philippines' Baguio campus in the early 90s, Lucky's latest images are intended not just for motor sports enthusiasts but also the general public at large.

Speed, power, and skill on the race track as artfully interpreted via the digital darkroom puts us in the driver's seat, as "Eyes Without a Face" proves. Through this series of images at the Oarhouse, action sports enthusiasts and fans can see these images up close and first-hand for the first time.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a driver's eyes are just as revealing. When man and machine get ready to rip the circuit and become one, only the racer's eyes serve as our window to the human within. Catch the passion and intensity of "Eyes Without a Face" as one photographer and the country's finest drivers speed off into new territory in this tribute exhibit to our local racers. Posted by Picasa

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