Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Having our Cake and eating it too

Photographers (and the poor regulars stuck in-between) toast to the visit of World Press Photo's Marteen Koets to Manila, and later force him to eat Dennis Sabangan's birthday cake

Usually after a birthday cake fight at the oarhouse, people wipe or lick the icing off themselves, as is the case with World Press Photo's Marteen Koets (right) who experienced the fun of being at the Oarhouse on photojournalist Dennis Sabangan's birthday

Dencio (extreme left) on usually normal days, aside from appreciating his birthday cake, loves the Oarhouse balbacua (Cebu's hot and spicy oxtail stew) - a must-taste specialty of the house

All photos ©Jimmy Domingo, Philippine Center for Photojournalism

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