Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Summary of 'Returns', part 2

Hey there, after over a month of no new postings, it's the first rest day for me after having put together this birthday tribute exhibit for a photographic mentor, Dick Baldovino, whose opening last thursday night at the Cultural Center of the Philippines was warmly received by friends and family. Two of the National Artist subjects in the exhibit, Arturo Luz and Napoleon Abueva, honored the event by their gracious presence, and along with contemporary artists Ben Cabrera, Mauro Malang Santos, and Ramon Orlina were there as well. Dick's wife Josie opened the show and thanked everyone in attendance for their support and prayers for his present post-stroke condition, and for which we all hope he will grow stronger in recuperative stead.

Last July 11 was Dick's birthday, and I was still in the thick of frantically editing the mountains of slides and film at the Baldovino household in preparation for this show, and for this relatively small and very tight edit of these images of 15 artists whom he had photographed from the early sixties onwards, it was clear that this was just the tip of the iceberg if you can consider the four decades of Dick's documentation of the Philippine art scene. As to the future ideas or projects this little show may spawn, I would hope that the range and scope of what constitutes his life's work in photography will be shown and eventually become part of the country's national treasure in the field of the arts and culture. No other living Filipino photographer can match his body of work.

The exhibit, 'Dick Baldovino -- The Artists' Photographer', which comprises his images of 15 National Artists, will be ongoing at the Cultural Center's Carlos V. Francisco Hall until August 7. Do drop by and see this one-of-a-kind show.

-- Ben

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