Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Romy Gacad's Sendoff to Kuala Lumpur, April 1, 2005

It was good to have heard from Agence France-Presse Manila chief photographer Romy Gacad who's now all settled in Kuala Lumpur on a one-year sabbatical living as 'an OFW' cum 'photo consultant' for the country's biggest English daily, The Malaysian Star -- and helping to coordinate the workflow of their photo, editorial, and graphic departments. But as he says, he's enjoying the local malaysian cuisine and music joints just as much. All in all a much needed and well-deserved respite from the never boring day to day news situation that is Manila or Kabul or Baghdad.

So before Romy headed off to KL last April 4, all of us friends had a sendoff despedida for him at the Oar. Thanks Romy and enjoy yourself there while it lasts. :)

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