Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My apologies for not having been online and updating the blog lately as I have been in different places and setting up other plans aside from being there physically at The Oarhouse. I was in Boracay to shoot a friend's wedding last week, and before that were the preparations and setting up of photographer George Tapan's exhibit of Paris images that are now up on the walls, and it's really looking good and will run throughout March .

Other photographers whom I've known for many years like Melvyn Calderon, Romy Gacad of Agence France-Presse, and Bullit Marquez of the Associated Press have dropped by recently, all of whom were Oarhouse regulars from the late eighties and nineties when Melvyn was shooting for Time Magazine and Romy at that time had only begun to rack up the first of his Pulitzer Prize nominations in photojournalism with his picture of a disqualified, steroid-addled Ben Johnson crossing the finish line past rival Carl Lewis who was later given the gold in the 100-meter dash during the Seoul 1988 Olympics.

Romy has since gone on to coverages of the first Gulf War, and the succeeding Olympiads of Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, and Athens, interspersed with the World Cup and the post 9/11 events of Afghanistan and Iraq. Bullit has been AP's Manila photo chief since EDSA 1 and who just came back from Amsterdam to judge in this year's World Press Photo competitions. Melvyn says that he, Romy, Bullit, Mike Yabut along with Bobby Coloma have been good friends and colleagues since the Martial Law days, and they try to hold a yearly reunion when everybody is in town and can meet up.

George Tapan's fans who've dropped by recently were fashion models Evita Bunyi, Eva Cadelina and Marilen Maristela, all of whom participated in last year's 'Palawan Digital Domain' photo shoot where 12 photographers fanned out in twelve different places with a model each to photograph. Needless to say, all these women were taller than me and George and everybody else, so it was a lot of fun working with them and they could drink all of us under the table anytime.


rmacapobre said...

ce blog est respectable. i was surprised to read manila, malate, and boracay. famous places in the philippines.

daghan na ta pinoy yey ..

pam said...

hi ben.. it's been a while.. nice to read about familiar places and familiar faces.. on that note, i remember romy gacad while i was still doing my undergrad in dlsu, he gave a lecture on photography and showed the class amazing photographs.. i think a year after that when i started working for bworld i kept running into him at diff. press cons - what a small world it is :) nice to see that you are all doing well ...

Tee said...

hello Sir (again =)

is the GT exhibit still up this weekend? my day job kept me from visiting. hope i haven't missed it yet.

thank you