Sunday, March 20, 2005

...beyond the call of duty!

This past week hasn't been any less busy, starting with the infamous attempted jailbreak of Abu Sayyaf detainees at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig last Monday.

Since we all know what came of that, I won't bother to re-bore you with the bloody details except to just post another exciting on-location class picture of photojournalist regulars who would normally be at ye old Oarhouse in Malate DRINKING at happy hour, but for whose beck and call in the heroic and noble dedication to their job well beyond the call of duty is the usual daily stuff of Philippine photojournalism legend. And NOTHING the politicians, the terrorists, and even the armed legions of the Philippine National Police can ever do to disrupt or tarnish their drinking and happy hour schedules shall ever change THAT.

So here's another ice cold San Miguel toast to heroes and colleagues, friends and brothers and sisters, mabuhay kayong lahat. :)

- Ben

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dan said...

hey ben!

sorry haven't been in touch! Life has been good and a whirlwind of all things splendid! I am in Sicily at the moment (just got here yesterday from Malta where I have been living since January) so I will now be living in Sicily up until January 2006. I just love the mediterranean, the weather is great and I love not understanding a single thing (I guess I can try to learn Italian) because it leaves me to my own thoughts and a bit apathetic to be honest about whats going on because I simply don't understand. hahaha!

How are things going with you? I'm quite peachy and truly ecstatic. I just got married March 16. It was a civil ceremony in St. Louis Missouri. I know it is a long story to tell hahaha so I really won't get into detail here. anyway, just wanted to say hi and a quick hello. mail me