Saturday, January 22, 2005

a view of sonny's exhibit at the oarhouse, january 2005.

The launch of Sonny Yabao's photo exhibit was a first for him in all the decades he's been shooting, mostly in rangefinder mode with his beloved, trusty Leica M4. For those who know him, he has been a quiet but dominating influence in the community and history of Philippine photography and documentary photojournalism. And it was another tremendous, rip-roaring night at the Oarhouse, musician friends like Jess Santiago came, played and sang his heart out to the packed company of photographer colleagues, editors, writers and guests. The party lasted till 3:30 a.m. the following morning of friday, oblivious as we all were in music, talk, laughter and endless rounds of ice-cold San Miguel beer to the coincidental presidential coronation of one George W. Bush in Washington. But of course, who really gave a hoot's ass about that?!? Duh!

Thank you Sonny for a great show! And reminding all our friends and everyone to drop by to take a look and have a cold beer at the house until February 12. :) Posted by Hello


Sassy Lawyer said...

You know, my interest in black and white photography is in the play on shadows. But seeing some of the photos you posted, I'm tempted. :)

Ben Razon said...

You should try it out, sassy. But doing black and white with digital is pretty tricky, in that you're not getting quite the kind of tonality and contrast you would get if you were to shoot actual black and white film. But photographs in black and white are more than just about shadows and highlights, or tone. It is the holy grail of conscious or unconscious seeing. It's of framing, composition, the balance of form and content. Great black and white photographs are made of this. :)