Thursday, January 06, 2005

the Sunset of December 26 at Manila Bay

It was a long weekend in which most people in Manila took their families and children to the city's baywalk to view the late december sun as it disappeared slowly on the horizon of the South China Sea. Most of them, including myself, were still largely unaware of the cataclysm of the South Asian tsunami unfolding simultaneously on the shores of twelve countries in the Indian Ocean and which during those afternoon hours of that day after Christmas began taking its death toll on those who were as close to the sea as these people in my city were. What transpired in the days that followed left little for words to describe, and in my own unconscious effort as I sat facing Manila Bay photographing the kids and adults walking and at play in the closing dusk of December 26, I looked back at certain images from that take that dispeled the obliviousness I felt then, and the visual soliloquy I saw now in kinship with the victims and those who perished.

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Sassy Lawyer said...

You know, I still haven't written anything about the tsunami. Not that I don't feel for the people who have lost their loved ones. Worse, for those with missing loved ones...the uncertainty as to whether they are still alive or have died must be heart-wrenching.

But I can't write about it. It's like, whatever I write cannot even approximate the depth of the tragedy.