Saturday, January 15, 2005

Gertrude's Funeral and the Persian Rug

Last night's conversation with the people at the bar on a typical friday night took on some interesting angles with the tale of Gertrude, Dodo Lim's late dog (yeah, it's dead) and the intriguing way he laid his loyal pet of 15 years to rest in the quiet gardens of artist Phyllis Zaballero's home in Quezon City. Before this, Dodo had already sensed the dog's deteriorating condition in its final months, and since he was already thinking ahead, he decided to call the San Lazaro crematorium to inquire if they would, in fact, do cremation rites for Gertrude. The reply was a terse, 'Um, hello, NO!' and to which a very hurt and angry pet owner shot back with an equally fiery remark that went something like, 'If you can service the poor dead bombays of Manila why can't you do this for my DOG?!?' So when artist friend Phyllis heard of this, she suggested a small burial plot in the garden of her home for Gertrude, and to which Dodo agreed would be a good and proper alternative ceremony. Then came the actual passing into the great beyond of his long-lived beloved pet, but does one merely dump a dead canine into a hole in the ground and top it off again with dirt? Dodo felt he needed to do something more honorable in its memory, and so he took the very Persian rug of which was Gertrude's favorite sleeping mat for all those years and he decided to wrap her remains with it. When Phyllis saw this, she noted that this was indeed a noble and stylistic way to bury the animal, but she also couldn't pass up making an observation of how much the Persian rug cost, which was around 25,000 pesos. To which I then remarked to Dodo, 'I'm sure Phyllis has stood many a time gazing at the stillness and serenity of her beautiful garden where Gertrude has peacefully lain and wanting to, well -- exhume the bitch's rug'.


Anonymous said...


I am going to paste the comment here

'If you can service the poor dead bombays of Manila why can't you do this for my DOG?!?'

Is this the attitude of Catholic Filipinos towards people coming from India and die brutally on the streets of Manila ?

I have never seen any one in India say such horrifying things about Filipinos. You just see bombays as nothing but money lenders or subhumans, but the fact is India is such a great and ancient nation, and a multi racial and multi ethnic state, where many people respect filipinos, I am indian and I understand perfectly what this means.

Ben Razon said...

I understand your reaction to the remark made and how it was offensive to you, but I am not of the same persuasion, of course and I was just relaying verbatim what was said to me. I did not make the remark as well. And to be fair, that was just the comment of one person, and it was not intended to be representative of how Filipinos - whether catholic or not - look at Indians whom I know are good, well-respected citizens of wherever in the world they may choose to settle and live. Thank you for expressing your views and visiting this blog.