Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Pulutan and FPJ

One of our photographer colleagues, Jessie Casabar, has an ongoing exhibit this month of december, and we sit at the table nightly as we pound the beers in rapid to moderate succession -- me, mon acasio, joe galvez, reg hernandez, redgie cinco, a certain retired colonel of the Philippine Army, and ungas. Who's ungas? All of us actually, in our own god-given way, nyuk nyuk.... There's a common saying that goes, 'Yung wala doon, PULUTAN siya' (Whoever's not in the nightly quorum, he's APPETIZER) - meaning we roast the poor absent bastard to death in conversation. Until he's turning over in his literal grave (sorry FPJ) and he's six feet under as far as we're concerned. It's funny, but it's that spiritual attempt to still place the person in our midst for the evening, sort of like an abstract psychological punching bag for whoever wants to rant about any topic or individual or pet peeve of the day.

We were, in fact, talking about the next day's big event - the last day of Fernando Poe Jr's wake where Joe Galvez mentioned that at latest count, there were 800, count it - EIGHT HUNDRED journalists accredited to cover the last ride of the departed Philippine movie KING into the sunset, er, sunrise on early Wednesday morning. I mean, where are they going to put all of us?!? On a scaffolding overlooking the coffin and last rites? On bleachers inside Sto. Domingo Church so we photographers don't end up swordfighting each other with our equipment? FPJ would've laughed at that. Hell, the media contingent is bigger than the number of showbiz people paying their last respects to the guy.

The more I guzzled my beers last night, I was feeling my right knee starting to swell in PAIN. Oh shit, it's that uric acid acting up again. So if you don't see me at the church today, FPJ, just remember me as, well, pulutan. :)


REG said...

I'm sure with Erap attending the last day of FPJ's wake, it will be a reunion of sorts between him and his showbiz/politico friends, users and abusers. I'm also sure there is a hidden room somewhere in the church that the 800 journalists aren't allowed access to where this motley gang can sit and drink bottles of johnny walker blue label while making pulutan of FPJ toasting him to 'kung saan man siya pupulutin.'

Speaking of pulutan, Jessie C. had his fill of his fave pulutan the other night: PUSIT! Bwahahaha.... Ika nga, "laman tiyan din yan."

Sassy Lawyer said...

Well, despite repeated pleas from the widow not to turn the wake into a circus, it has become one big circus. GMA is covering the last night and the burial. From the evening of Dec. 21st 'till tomorrow morning at the North Cemetary. And there was Erap delivering a speech that cannot be anything but political. Now, I read that's it's going to be a media circus tomorrow as well.

P.S. Hey, Ben, I AM SO GLAD that you are now a blogger. :) Cheers!

Ben Razon said...

You mean GMA the TV station, huh Sassy? LOL! Thanks for comment, and I wonder where or what entered my mind and inspired me to start this crazy blog on behalf of the Oarhouse regulars and other engaged citizens of the republic. Stay tuned, as GMA would hope, hahahaha!!!!

jericho_sing said...

i will have to nominate "pusit" as the pulutan of choice for the rest of the year. yes reg, jesse's pusit takes the cake and ate it too. right down to the bone. eeeeyuckeee... and as a certain retired army colonel put it subtly one oarhouse night, "ANG DITO NANAMAN KAYONG MGA, PANGIT (KAGAYA KO)" Ayos.