Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Oarhouse in late 2004

The Oarhouse of Malate, a Manila landmark bar and restaurant, was reopened last June of 2004 to cheers and enthusiastic support from the regulars of the old establishment founded by the American Peace Corps volunteer Chuck Monroe in the mid-seventies and continued by a guy named Chino Medina through the late eighties and nineties. It closed down in 1998 in what we had all thought was its last, fateful breath. Odd variants of what looked like a bar and eatery took over the location since then, but none of us were satisfied with strangers who did not know how sacred this place was to us photographers, writers, artists, musicians, actors, peace corps volunteers and other expatriates passing through Manila's most bohemian district. So it was with glee that our dear friend and former Oarhouse regular himself, Nonoy Tan, re-established the same beachhead location and resurrected the original name and tradition of this landmark watering hole of Manila. This blog is meant to keep the patrons of this place and those who have yet to discover it connected and updated through its own space on the web, and from this shall flow the stories, events, images, and the spirit of communal gathering which the Oarhouse has been all these years. Many will contribute to this continuing diary of tales and encounters, so do check back regularly, and literally, just drop by.

In comforting, sustaining mode, this is a story of a real place and the people in it that continues to be told, in generous doses and for as long as it shall exist.


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jericho_sing said...


As usual, you amaze me with your technological prowess in the ever evolving world of the net.

Who might I be? I'm one of those frustrated writers who end up using papers to wipe my back side, a COPEC member, and a Sagada reverent. I'm 5 foot 8, thirty plus old drunken master from PASIG CITY!

See you tonight!!!