Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Historical correction by an Oar House historian

I note a correction brought to my attention by David 'Uncle Dave' Limsico, who said that Chuck Monroe was actually a retired U.S. Navy pilot, rather than a former Peace Corps volunteer. 'Uncle Dave' was among the first regular inhabitants of the original Oarhouse when Chuck opened his bar doors in Malate next to 'Uncle Jim' Turner whom 'Uncle Dave' clarified as one among 'the original' and former Peace Corps volunteers who founded the venerable Hobbit House next door to the Oarhouse. So what the hell, with all these old uncles of Malate running around correcting historical facts, we're all set to proceed full blast with this online journal of ANYTHING under the sun, right?

Cheers then, and to the memory of Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) who was laid to rest before noon today -- gimme that first ice cold happy hour Pale Pilsen!

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