Friday, June 22, 2012

The Oarhouse Before Opening Time, 06.21.12

 A Place At Home With Itself

After my waiters Charlon and Ricky finish cleaning and readying the bar to open for another day, i have always noticed how the late afternoon light of Malate casts a golden glow on the already warm confines of the Oar's interior.

It is usually a quiet time for the crew before the regulars and guests start streaming in after sundown, and it affords us a nice momentary breather as I talk to my staff about what needs to be attended to for the day. and the nicest feeling is that it doesn't feel like a place of business or another cookie-cutter franchise in a noisy mall or commercial center at all. instead it is and will continue to be that welcoming place of community and vessel of real life conversation and exchange amongst like-minded spirits.

Photograph by Luis Liwanag

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Photography and The Oarhouse on 'Illuminati'

Trix Syjuco and Krip Yuson, at yesterday's taping of their weekly program, 'Illuminati', showing tonight, Tuesday 7pm on Destiny Cable's GNN channel. Tonight's unusual, nearly 1-hour topic : 'Photography and The Oarhouse'. ;-)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gilbert the Oarhouse Flower Vendor, 06.09.12

There's hardly ever a night that he doesn't drop by holding his bouquet of flowers to wave in front of the regulars at the Oar. Sometimes he'll head straight to the bar and ask Wilson the bartender or Jecery the cashier for a straight-up shot of lambanog, and slaps his money on the table.

Even he needs a drink if not every night.

First-time observers of Gilbert think he's just any ordinary street vendor and shoo him away. But the patrons and those familiar of Oarhouse history know better. He's the official, gentle muse of the bar, and all who've received a flower from him discovers the humble charm of a common worker of the Malate district. So next time you bring a friend or date to The Oar, buy them a red rose from this man. It almost always completes the evening and blesses the welcoming atmosphere of everyone in the House.



Thursday, June 07, 2012

Futbol Night at Rizal Stadium, Manila 06.05.12

Philippines vs. Indonesia, 2-2 final. Whoopee. Wave the flag. Wait, it's starting to rain. Let's go home and watch the rest of it on low-res TV.